Tours by Khao Sok Las Orquideas Resort

Enjoy unforgettable tours and activities in the khao Sok National park. Our English-speaking tour guides will show you around in a fascinating travel experience. Discover the magic of the Khlong Saeng Wildlife Sanctuary and the two day Cheow Lan Lake tour with overnight at the authentic floating raft houses. Enjoy canoeing, kayaking and our elephant and jungle trek as well as the night safari. We just want to share our most memorable travel places in paradise with all of you.

Activities in Khao Sok National Park, Thailand. Minimum 2 people, children shorter than 1.2 meters (3.9 feet) in height, 50% Off.

Cheow Lan Lake full day tour

Pick up from the las Orquideas Resort and Transfer to the Pier where your boat captain will be waiting for you. One of the best ways to explore the jungle is from a long tail Boat. Enjoy lunch on the floating raft houses and take a refreshing swim and explore the surrounding island with a canoe before continuing down the river for Trekking and cave exploring in the Cheow Lan Lake.

Join a group, 1,700 baht per person.

Cheow Lan Lake overnight tour

An ultimate exploration of Cheow Lan Lake. Stay overnight on the raft houses and take a refreshing swim and explore the surrounding island with a canoe before continuing down the river for Trekking and cave exploring.
Join with a Group, 2,500 baht per person.

Night Trekking tour

Most of the wild animals in Khao Sok are nocturnal. Sleeping in the heat of the day and hunting by night. Let an experienced night safari guide take you through the Jungle at night. You might have the chance to see civic cats, slow lories, wild pigs, deers, or maybe even spot a leopard cat.

Price 600 baht per person.

Sok River Canoeing tour

Canoeing is a very relaxing way to see a different side of Khao Sok. Let our experienced guide take you on a canoe safari along the Sok River. With its natural beauty of the evergreen rainforest and Limestone cliffs, canoeing is an ideal way of bird spotting. Many snakes and monkeys can be seen curled around the branches on the trees along the Sok River.

Price 800 baht per person.

Elephant trekking in the Jungle

Experience the rainforest high up on one of the world’s largest but most gentle animals. The elephant will take you through rivers, rubber plantations, waterfalls and evergreen forest. On the way back to the Resort, our driver will stop at the Mae Yai Namtok (mother in law waterfall) and at the Khao Sok view point.

Price 800 baht per person.

Sok River Tubing

Tubing on the Sok River, is a very relaxing and fun way to see a different side of Khao Sok. Along the journey you have the chance to see the natural beauty of khao Sok with its riverside bungalows, evergreen rainforest and limestone karsts. Enjoy a lunch next to the river and take a refreshing swim before continuing down the river.

Price 500 baht per person.

Khao Sok Jungle Trek

Trek through Khao Sok with an English speaking jungle expert. Learn about trees, fruits and plants. The guides have walked the trails many times and their eyes are more adjusted to the rain forest, they can spot small insects, lizards and snakes you would probably miss.

Full day 1,200 baht per person, half day 600 baht per person.

Rafflesia Flower Trek tour

The biggest flower in the world can be found in Khao Sok. The Rafflesia is a parasite plant with no roots or leaves on its own. Once a year the flower bloom, approximately 80 cm in diameter.

Price 700 baht per person.